• Hi.

    I am trying to tune idle mixture (0-1/8 turn of throttle) but whenever I screw out the spark plug its colour is uneven.
    Which side of the sparkplug is important to me?


  • Looks good to me pal.

    Plug chops only really give you an indication when wide open throttle is applued at load.

    For idle you will need an afr or colortune gunsome indicator.

  • Oh I did not know that...

    My method was that I turned out A/F screw about the same as the manual says (28mm Mikuni - 1 and 1/4). Then i went for calm ride using only up to 1/8 turn of the throttle. After 10km I checked spark plug and based on colour of it I further turned the A/F screw inwards. So I did not base on factory setting but on colour of spark plug...

    I hope my English is understandable enough...