Reset milage to 0

  • Has anyone done this I want to recon my clocks but if I'm gona do it I want to reset the milage to 0 as if they were brand new

  • Personally, I'd just fit a set of after market clocks, they'll come with zero miles. A bit of wiring work, but a lot of people have done it to DT's and other bikes.

    It also devalues your bike slightly as the mileage isn't correct, and it's all recorded on the DVSA MOT history since 2007. I personally wouldn't do anything to alter possible price when selling. You won't be on a 125CC for the rest of your life.

  • Depends on what you are doing, red bike had nos clock set at zero, photo of originals at 30k for anyone interested to see. Irrelevant as all bearings and cycle parts replaced and engine fully rebuilt. Current resto has low mileage (350 ish) mileage clock fitted reset to zero, more new parts than old so far, frame is original though! Older bikes mileage doesn't count as much as condition and history.

  • My aftermarket clocks reset to zero. Now my mot history is all over the place. I don't intend on selling the bike so makes no odds to me. Would be nice to see how many miles I have done in ten years though.

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