New piston but no rebore

  • Do I need to rebore my head I have a noise coming from my bike sounds like a knock from the piston I'm gona strip it down and order a piston to fit the current bore my question is is there anything I need to check will I need to rebore if the cylinder looks OK or is it literaly a case of ordering the correct size piston and popping it in

  • A specialist will tell you if you need a rebore.

    I would at minimum get it honed. Don't need to touch the head. Depending on clearances, may need to modify the powervalve.

  • @ward4014 take it to your bike shop have them measure it and buy a piston while you are there

  • Thanks guys I'll take it to the shop once I have it off I'm only changing the piston because I have never changed it it rides mint but just peace of mind

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