• No TT for me this year the first time in 20 years , but had a good weekend at Darley Moor for a historic meeting , they had scooters there they put on a good show to be fair to them , the Little Stinker is more or less parked up for the summer now the big bike is back on the road ,
    we have just got back from having a week in Welsh Wales in the Bugilow were I have been having a play at taking photos of big loud birds


  • that's a really good pic

  • Unreal photo!

    And Yes Eddy, good to hear from you!

  • ye sorry it has been a while but its a busy life this retired game , but some one has it to do will post some pics up of the racing as I get time , we have no big planes for this year other than going to the IOM for the Southern 100 then it will be the Scarborough meetings and what we can as we can as pennies will allow , must catch up on some of the other stuff that has been posted , had a shout from one of the crew Toy Boy (ToySoldier ) who is over on the IOM jammy git !! hope he has a good and safe time