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  • Hello,

    So I was doing some analysis last night and out of the some 1200 users on here, 780 have not posted, have no reputation and have not logged on for 30 days.

    So with that in mind, I'll be looking to purge the database this weekend.

    You may have seen some spam accounts sign in and post jargon blogs etc. Please be sure to inform a moderator, most likely myself, and I will purge their accounts.

    I have backed up the database so if something diasterous happens it can be restored as of this morning.

    There will inevitably be some collatoral damage here, I will no doubt remove legitmate users who merely "lurk in the dark". But they can always recreate another account.

    Any questions please ask.

    Kind Regards,


  • @Calum “purge siren starts”

  • Done, I appreciate that there may have been some legitimate lurkers removed, they'll just have to recreate another account.

    i will probably do this once a year to just keep things fresh.


  • @Calum I'm a corned beef man myself, but good job!!! 😀 😝 😁

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