Still no spark on my DT125RE

  • I have posted on here earlier and i have fiddled around a lot and still have no spark. I have tried 2 cdi’s, 3 ignition coils (tried a lot of spark plugs) 3 stators (two of them ran for like 5 minutes before the bike died again). I have tested and opened both the killswitch and the main switch. I even got myself a new wiring loom, looped the sidestand switch and the clutch switch.
    I have never heard of such a problematic Dt. I guess i have changed or checked everything related to ignition system.

    Have any of you on here heard of anything like this or do you have any ideas, as i’m running out of ideas😅?

  • Hhmm yeah.

    Something is not right there.

    The problem to me sound like it's not a single component that's going wrong. Or it is, but it's affecting another component. I.E. The rectifier has gone open circuit causing the voltage to spike blowing component X.

    The fact of the matter is, you don't need the rectifier, stator or any of that rubbish for the bike to run.

    The bike just needs a pick up, a source of power (either a stator or a battery). A coil and a plug and the CDI.

    The rest could be binned and the DT will still work.

    So from my perspective, if you've exhausted all options. That's where I'd start. Then introduce the components one at a time.

    This may require custom loom. I wouldn't want to chop the loom, so making some form of adapter harness would be the way to go!

  • @Calum Okay, i thought i needed main switch, and kill switch on it otherwise the cdi wouldn't get power. How do i make the cdi get power if i were to remove all this? 🙂

  • Just take a feed directly from the battery. As I say, it would require creating your own loom. But if you're really that stuck for ideas, then this is going to be the way forward.

  • @Calum okay thanks, will look into that for sure. But after looking into everything i think that the only thing that i haven’t replaced yet is the flywheel. It might be a silly question, but do you think there is any way that the flywheel is the culprit?

    Because when i tried on my buddys stator the bike sparked right away, and when i bought a second hand one it started and ran for about 5 minutes and it suddenly died. And now i just received yet another used stator, and it didn’t spark like the other times (which led me to replacing the whole wiring loom😂). I replaced the rectifier aswell.

    Or maybe i was just having bad luck with the second hand ones i have gotten, but both sellers claimed that they were working when they pulled them of their bikes.

  • @Calum Also when i measure the voltage going in to my ignition coil when engine is being turned, it only shows about 3 volts, if that tells you something. 😛

  • @Bananper So as I say, you don't actually need a fly wheel for the engine to work. Hence why you can buy inner rotor kits. It's the pickup on the flywheel that tells the CDI to fire. See the raised edge on the outer rim of the flywheel. That's the part that tells the pickup it's approaching TDC.

    Again, don't need the stator, the flywheel and coils merely act as a way to generate electricity. So provided your battery is strong you should be okay.

  • @Calum now i ran a wire from the battery into the 3 pins in the connector going from the stator to the cdi, still no spark. Swapped pick up coil and still nothing. This bike is starting to become a nightmare😖. What else is there to try?

  • Measure across the pick up sensor. Make sure that you are getting current to trigger the CDI. You will want to follow that pulse from the pickup to the CDI. From the CDI you will see it go to the primary coil. From there it should go to the secondary mutal winding and out to the HT lead. It's as simple as that. Somewhere you are losing that signal.

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