• Hi all

    New on here so go easy on me!
    I need pointing in the right direction. I've got a dtx with electric start and it sits in my garage connected to an optimate. Apparently the battery was new when I bought the bike a year ago. Every time I go to start it from cold it turns over really slowly like the battery is flat! If I try it a few times it eventually speeds up enough to start the bike. Now I've tested the battery and everything is ok there and if it was flat then it wouldn't speed up on the 2nd and 3rd try etc, I'm wondering if it could be the starter motor that's sticking? If this is the case how do you remove it? I'd like to get it off and clean and grease it and check brushes etc but have no idea no to remove it and it's not covered in the workshop manual I've got!

    Or have you guys got any better ideas of what it might be?
    Any help would be gladly appreciated


  • @mikef Could just fit a kit start onto it and be done with it 😄

    I did have this on my 1992 Belgarda engine. I didn't solve it but it didn't fail and I did install a kickstart

  • Yes I thought about doing that but the bikes mint and and almost standard so don't want to mess to much as bought it for a bit of an investment and bit of fun at the same time. I've found out today that the battery fitted is only a 4ah and spec sheets says it came with a 6ah so that's not going to help as the cold cranking amps will be less. Might also explain why it gets faster each time it gets tried as the starter motor will warm up and offer less resistance and so less current.
    Any thoughts?

  • @mikef Heat does the opposite mate. In this instance, heat will increase resistance.

    However the initial current required to get it moving, after overcoming static friction, will be less, hence why it may speed up.

    Definitely the ampage will affect the cranking speed.

    Yes mate I appreciate you want to keep the motor mint condition. Kick start won't devalue it, and can easily be reverted back should you wish to sell it.

    Personally I like having the option to do both!