Piston ring end gap after rebore

  • So I recently had one of my spare DTR cylinders rebored to 58.40mm and I'm wondering if the piston ring end gaps should still be the same spec as in the Haynes manual after a rebore? Ive checked the ring end gap on the new piston rings using the method described in the Haynes manual but the ring end gaps are far to close together so I'll have to file them wider if there still to be spec'd the same as in the manual 0.30-0.45mm after a rebore so any help appreciated 🙂 I'm just confused as I've been reading different piston manufacturers have different end gap specs so not sure..

  • Yeah do it to spec mate.

    If you're filing them then you need to be using a Diamond file. They can be had fairly cheaply and last a long time

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