• Bought a DT125R -89 as my first motorcycle and have had a good time riding it, but a lot of things isn't to my liking so have been renovating it.

    It was originally a white framed blue plastic one, but previous owner had painted plastics black, and painted the frame black, wherever it was easy to do so. It frankly looked like crap, so now I took the whole thing apart, gonna sand-blast it and get it powdercoated white again.

    I am not gonna recreate the original look but instead I am aiming for the white/pink design that seemed to be a thing in the middle of the 90's.

    For that to work out, I am gonna need some new fork-gaiters, and I feel like I have been looking all around the internet but I can barley find any gaiters that seems to fit the DT125R, even less pink ones... If anyone got links that would be appreciated.
    If I can't find pink ones, at the very least I would like to get red ones, currently I have black ones.

    Hazardgraphics, that I bought a reproduction decale-kit, have pics of what I am aiming for:

    I found someone who sold reproduced pink seat-covers, with Yamaha text, so already got one of those.
    Also found someone selling new production plastic pieces, so got all 4 side-covers. They where not as thick plastic as the original, but the originals I have have been repaired in many places already an doesn't look to good, so I am happy with what I can get.

    Another thing I am looking for is good looking square mirrors, if anyone have tips on that I'd appreciate it.

    This is how it's currently looking, or well, before I took it apart down to the frame last weekend!
    Lot's of work left, hoping to get it looking real nice ready for spring in April.

    alt text
    alt text

  • @TBthegr81 Great stuff.

    Yes I think you will struggle to get pink gaitors!

    Will need to speak to @scrimsmustang. He might be able to help.

  • Last weekend I started preparations for the repaint, my thinking is, as soon as I get the frame back from the painters, I can start mounting pieces, get fewer stuff in boxes, and try mounting any new pieces I buy.
    I found a company in town who does powder coating on big things like MC frames, but when I emailed them I wasn't sure exactly what parts I would need painted and thus they couldn't give me a price estimate.

    Now that the whole bike is apart, I can see that the only things they will need to do is the frame, swing and tank.
    Anything smaller I will be able to do myself.

    Here you can see how the frame have been partially painted by a previous owner, very shoddy work, and the primary reason I want to get it repainted.

    Shoddy paintwork
    They only painted where it was easy, and they used a brush, not a spray. So its very uneven.
    And, I want the frame to be original white and not black.

    Hanging frame
    I started with a wirebrush to take off most of the stuff, and then the plan was to sandblast it outside. But that turned out to use a whole lot more sand than I was planning on, didn't get even 5% done and I had used up a 14kg sack.
    The powder coaters I contacted previously asked if I would need to have them sandblast it for me, and I had hoped to do it myself to keep cost down. Looks like I will at least have them do the frame...

    Tank and swing in blaster cabinet
    The swing and tank fits nicely inside the sandblasting cabinet, so those I can do myself no problem.

    Powder coating passenger foot pegs at home
    I had previously tried powder coating small things at home with great result, the foot pegs looks like new after sandblasting and a coat of black.

    There is numerous small pieces on the bike I will have to either repaint the same color, or another color to better fit the look I am going for.
    But right now I am focusing on the big things I need to outsource.

    Have you powder coated a frame before? What did it cost you?
    Previous googling in forum posts gave me 2000kr or about 200€, but I doubt that included any sand blasting.
    I am hoping I can get these things done for 300€ or less, but quality will cost, I rather spend a bit more now for a job well done than having to do it again in a year or two.

  • @TBthegr81
    How do you do your own power coating? Can you not reuse your sand? It’s not that expensive in the uk I think, I was gonna have a pallet load , stand, ect...delivered for £75 if I remember correctly. You just need to buy in bulk...

    I can get a frame and swing arm blasted and PC’d for £100, then £10 for each item after

  • @TBthegr81 Frame Shot Blasted and Powdercoated and "Exotic" Candy Red £80.

    And the powdercoaters I used send the part away to be shot blasted. So it's not expensive.

  • @SpookDog
    I got a powder coating gun from a webstore selling tools, they also sold paints in a few colors, so I got red, black, silver and white so I would have what I would need for the bike.
    Swedish store: https://verktygsboden.se/pulverlacksprutor/pulverlackeringsspruta
    Costs about 160€, and the colors are between 14-35€ for a kilo each.
    Then we got a old kitchen stove with a extra wide oven from someone who was renovating their kitchen, so we have a dedicated powder-coat oven in the garage.

    I can't reuse the sand when I am blasting outside, it gets spread with the wind and mixed in with the soil.

    I would have to make a somewhat sealed container both me and the frame could fit inside, where I can somwhat easy collect the sand from the floor.
    Its not super expensive... I found 25kg bags later for about 100kr or 10€
    But I estimated I would go through so much sand to get all the nooks and holes on the frame, it doesn't seem worth buying that, instead paying someone who have a blasting room to do it instead.

    @Calum Thats very cheap. Yes, they told me they would outsource it as well, I just assume it gets more expensive when there is another party who needs to get their profits.