• So since before even getting my DTR a couple weeks ago I've been reading up as much as I can about them, restrictions etc. And seen that the 3BN head has a restrictive squish band, does anyone have any idea where I can get a 3MB head? eBay is abit hit and miss, all I've found on there so far are heads that look like they've been frisbee'd off a cliff

    Thankyou in advance 😄

  • @Burridge Your best bets probably eBay mate. I know they can look rough on there but it's easy to clean up a cylinder head and there's a guide on here to skim heads so it'd be as good as new. I have the 3mb head on one of my DTs definitely makes a difference.

  • If the cylinder head is pitted from detonation or piston failure then its had it. Having the head milled out is incredibly difficult since any alterations to the combustion chamber alters the squishband and compression ratio. The head would have to be skimmed to compensate.

    I am not saying its impossible. Just difficult. The alternative would be to have someone like mick abbey rework the the cylinder head. He charged 30 quid for mine and yoy would end up with something better than stock.

  • Cheers guys, I'll keep a look out on eBay, I don't mind something that needs a good clean or a skim, I've skimmed a head before on a piece of glass with fine grinding paste haha and it came out well, just as Calum said it needs to not have any pitting or damage on the combustion chamber, and it's hard to make out in pictures sometimes 😞