Aprilia RS125 Dyno Print

  • Here's a good one:

    Just shows you what sort of power you can expect from a clean RS 😄

    I don't know what the power is at the crank. Doubt it'll be 34. More like 28.

    But 25 at the wheel sounds about right.

    Even then the Dyno might be giving a generous reading.

    Just winds me up when people say 33BHP learning legal when they were never that fast.

    Even with the 160cc big bore kit, I doubt PEAK power increased that much. I have ridden both 125 and the polini 160. The 160 is hands down better. But probably more torquey than anything else.


    Bit of a terrible photo mind you

  • @Calum Very interesting reading, I'm sure that the magic 33BHP came from the power which the factory bikes were producing and everyone thought "Hey if I derestrict mine I'll have 33 horses too!!!". Noobbbbbsssss LOL

    Interesting date he has on his pics too, but she sure is a nice clean and powerful ole girl tho. Not my cup of tea but an MX with that spec would sure be a lot of fun!!! ;O)

    Just out of curiosity what sort of power on average would a fully derestricted DT produce?

    And what about a DT with a 170cc kit and fully tuned pump out on average???

  • If you want a road going mx with that sort of power then look at the Aprilia MX125. It uses the same engine. A bit of tinkering will see you hit the same performance.

    I reckon the dt is around the 15 mark

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