• Hi all,

    Don't have a DT yet but very much on the look out for one. Getting fed up of relying on a friend to give me a lift to work and paying £13 one way in a taxi if he's on holiday or takes a half day or whatever. More or less a straight road of 9 miles from my flat so to work would be a nice start to the day riding the journey. Hope I can get some tips on what to look out for how much I should expect to spend etc.

    Wouldn't mind a bit of a banger that I could fix up if it would work out cheaper, I'm no mechanic but have always liked taking things apart/repairing things myself.

  • Hi welcome.

    It's a good commuting motor to have to be fair. I commuted on mine fore years. Solid bikes.

    It will always be cheaper to spend the money and get something in crisp condition. Else you will be chasing no end of problems grabbong taxis to work and having to fix the bike.

    Spend the money and get something in decent condition. There isn't a log that can go wrong provided the maintenance is kept up with.