• Hello I'm rebuilding a 4dl bottom end (tzr) one that fits Dt I've been told the bearings in bottom end are all the same I have just a set of cases I was wondering if someone could do me a massive favour and give me all the bearing codes can't find them anywhere cheers

  • The bearings are the same, The cranks are different however.

    You cannot use a DTRE connecting rod in a 4DL belgsrda crank. You must have the connecting rod machined down to fit.

  • Bearing codes for the gearbox are found in this section. A simple ebay search provides you with the bearings needed for the mains.

    They are an odd size and hence cost a bit. Pjme sell them too.

    Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131753167760

  • Cheers pal was just wondering if someone had a list off codes for future use and yeah will be buying a tzr con rod kit not Dt just heard bearings are same

  • @mezzaaa no no mate you don't understand. Tzr dtr don't matter. The rod for the belgardas are discontinued. I have already been down this venture before.

    There is a list. I have already posted it in this section. Type those codes into simply bearings.

  • Sell the rod kits on Pjme just looked pal and yeah have typed them bearings in is it just them ones and the mains I need