• New For Sale Rules!

    Our last forum took a bad turn when one of our dedicated members got scammed out of some money.

    The result of this successful scam left our site under attack from multiple scammers trying to earn our trust and sell on other counterfit, ungenuine, items.

    On this forum we have more control on how the for sale section can be handled. I have implemented a new method whereby only users with a minimum of five reputation points are allowed access to the for sale section, and guest accounts cannot see the for sale section.

    The aim of this is that unless members are contributing possitively to the forum, that cannot sell items. It's not perfect but it's just another layer of protection.

    We will also be carrying out the same sorts of rules that are present on our current forum!

    And finally I would like all for sale threads to be approved by a moderator before they will be displayed (not yet implemented). If a for sale item does not meet the minimum criteria for selling then it may not be approved.

    Selling on this forum is, and always will be, free. Unlike some forums where you need to be a paid member.



  • Global Moderator

    "The aim of this is.. ..they* cannot sell items. It's not perfect but.."

  • Aye yeah wrote this in a hurry lol.

  • @Calum said:

    contributing possitively to the forum, that cannot sell items


  • Yeah Mightyman already picked up on that. I could edit it. But at least you read it.

  • @Calum Ah ok sorry mate thought u'd already edited but missed that. It's all looking good dude.