• Hello, just joined up.
    I import DEP exhausts into Japan and sometimes get customers ordering DT125R silencers.

    Trouble is, the export model, the one officially imported into the UK and the Japanese domestic model is different I think. Most of the customers so far have had the export (re-import?) model so it has been ok.

    Does anybody have any info on how I can distinguish between the two? Maybe by the frame number.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Sorry I should have said Hello & Welcome!

    Just out of interest? Why did you decide to import DEP pipes?

    Did they say what was different about the two bikes.

    I haven't heard otherwise, but I haven't spoke to anyone with a Jap Import.

  • @Calum I know the owner of DEP from years ago when we used to race mx, and then when I was deciding what to do in Japan that was a good choice as I got backinto MX here.

    Thanks for the help.