Sad day I had to Sell my DT 125 R.

  • Well Calum first thanks for your help while I rebuilt my 7000 mile 2002 DT 125 R.
    But sadly I am moving island and have had to sell the bike,I think i went through every emotion owning this bike as I was sold a lemon and had to do a lot of work to get her running perfect but after running her in i fell in Love with her and there is just something about a 2 stroke engine that is fantastic had a lot of yamaha's starting with a FS1E DX fizzy Reg UFW 274R (still on the road with someone) to RD 250E to a RD350LC, the person who has bought her loves bikes so she is in good hands, Bye for now and again Thanks.

  • @Leftyno1 Peace man, Sad to let it go!

    Make sure you pick up another one some day

  • AWw sad times!

    It's always a rollercoaster when you ger into projects!


  • Yes i will be back with another one for sure in a little time, cheers.