clutch push rod adjustment

  • Hi after finally fixing my leaking head and sticking front brake I decided to go out for nice gentle ride this evening only for the clutch to fail on me 12 miles from home in a town centre on a large one way system with lots of traffic lights so you imagine the fun I had trying to get it home. The first thing I did when I got home was drain the oil and coolant whip the side casing off and the problem was staring me on the face some how the push rod adjuster nut had come loose and the pushrod was wound it self out so it was nowhere near the arm that the cable attaches to so I put all back properly as the Haynes say but I could not find any torque spec for the adjuster nut so I just tightened it as tight as I could will this be ok or is the a good just it's going to come loose again.

  • It's a locking nut. So provided it is sufficiently tight, it'll be alright.

    SO you adjist the push rod on the basket. THe nut behind the pressure plate and a final nut on the clutch basket itself locks off.