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    Anybody know of any companies willing to create custom speedos? I need a speedo to fit my Yamaha MT-03 as the stock one died... Can't seem to find anyone selling aftermarket replacements though. I don't really need any out of the ordinary features... Just a rev counter, speedo and indicator / petrol lights etc.

  • The only thing I can suggest is the Vapor Units. They'll do all that.

    If I remember correctly you can get a Chinese copy for like half the price lol.

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    I have sent a message to Trailtech asking them for a quote so hopefully they'll get back to me with a reasonable price... Although compared to the £500 stock replacement I would bite their hand off for something even half that price that will work well.

  • @MIGHTYMAN what do you mean quote? They are £90? You just buy tge universal kit.

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    Ah yeah I contacted them to see if they would send me instructions with it to fit it to the MT as I have no idea where to start in terms of the wiring. The speedo is measured from the gearbox and not the wheels so it's a bit odd.

  • @MIGHTYMAN Yeah the universal kit is just that bud. Universal.

    The speedo is measured off the wheel using a magnet and a pickup.

    The RPM's are measured off the coil using magnetic flux.

    That's about it. Everything else just feeds off the existing connections

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    I suppose if I work out the voltages from the pins on the MT wiring loom it should fit no problem thinking about it.. Was just being hopeful I might find a nice plug and play speedo !

  • @MIGHTYMAN Sorry what do.you mean Voltages?

    It's a 12V bike.right? And you want a 12 V speedo. The speedo should only draw the current it needs.

    That speedo doesn't have a fuel level. But fuel light is either a bulb on or off. So there shouldn't be any worries there.

    Again the rest of the stuff is on or off. I don't see what you need to measure pins for could you please clarify?

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    I meant check which wires are live when I'm low on fuel, and which ones are live when I'm indicating etc