DT125RE (2005) sparking problem

  • Hello I'm new to the forum 😁, I'm having difficulties with my dt125re (2005), I bought it as a project from a friend about 3 years ago, rebuilt from top to bottom, it's been sat and in the process of being sat, it's gave itself an electrical problem, it's electric start, (new battery installed) as I press and hold to start it sparks for the first 2 seconds and then nothing what soo ever, iv tried tracing wires, and not sure where to go, where do I start? How do I test the stator and ignition coil and cdi?, the previous owner chopped the kick stand wires out soo where do I find these? (Assuming I would get no spark what soo ever if this was the cause?), also the bike thinks it's in neutral all the time because he also decided to chop those out!, I have had the bike running and was sweet as a nut, not quite sure why it's being a pain in my arse but hay ho, also what is the main earths needed on the bike? Obviously from the battery to the frame, but also what other major earths are needed? Wiring diagram wouldn't go a miss 🙈
    Iv posted some images below, if they work that is, iv got some random wires, again any pointers I'll be greatful

    Thankyou in advance




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  • Seen thid time and time.again. When it sparks but stops it was the kick stand switch every time.

    That would be where I would start bud.

  • Yea that happened a xt 125 of mine and it was the side stand.

  • Well I hope it is, that will be my next protocol, thanks people I'll update when I have a look tomorrow cheers

  • @Calum yeah traced it back to the stand switch wires, problem solved cheers mate

  • @moz4321 said in DT125RE (2005) sparking problem:

    @Calum yeah traced it back to the stand switch wires, problem solved cheers mate

    Good lad! As said I see it time and time again.

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