• Ever since i sold the DTR that i built a few years ago I have regretted it, and longed for another. Here's a pic before i sold it:
    Nothing too fancy, but that's how i liked it. And probably what i will be aiming for again this time.
    Then i brought my Honda Hornet 600, which i loved, but it just wasn't as practical as the DT, and seemed a bit excessive just for running around town. Plus it was a pain in the ass to get in and out of my garden..

    I sold that to get a van for work about a year ago, and have been without a bike since.. 😞
    So over the last 6 months i have brought 3 DTR 'Projects', with the intention of building at least one good one from the lot...and then maybe start building another..

    First i brought this 2003/1998(?) DTR/YZ hybrid first:
    http://i595.photobucket.com/albums/tt32/fused420/Mobile Uploads/20161003_142521.jpg

    But quickly lost interest after inspecting the quality of the welding a bit closer, it also sits very high, and the rear brake mount has been cut off to accommodate the YZ swing arm. Into the back of my lock it went... until the other day... after reconnecting the CDI wiring (last owner cut it planning to splice it onto the DT loom) and fitting a coil, it started straight up and sounded decent enough:

    I haven't decided what to do with this one yet, it came with the rest of the YZ minus the frame, so i may rebuild the YZ on a new frame, or i might use the front end on my project bike as it was a mod that i wanted to do to my last bike but it didn't work out, plus this front end already has the ignition barrel welded on to the yokes. Then either sell the rest of the YZ parts to help fund my DT project, or i might just sit on the parts until i can find another frame and front end cheap enough...

    Next i brought this one a few months ago:
    http://i595.photobucket.com/albums/tt32/fused420/Mobile Uploads/20161003_142222.jpg
    http://i595.photobucket.com/albums/tt32/fused420/Mobile Uploads/20161003_142235.jpg
    Not much to look at, but the frame is in pretty good shape, and the tank only has a slight bit of surface rust compared to the others that i have. V5 was sent off for this one on Friday, so will hopefully be here in a couple of weeks, i will then strip it ready for powder coating.

    Lastly i brought this one last week from the Copdock Motorcycle Show:
    Again, not in the greatest condition, but it has an engine, needing a rebuild mind, but at least i now have an engine!
    http://i595.photobucket.com/albums/tt32/fused420/Mobile Uploads/20161003_163118.jpg
    http://i595.photobucket.com/albums/tt32/fused420/Mobile Uploads/20161003_163141.jpg
    It has a 3MB head, and a full DEP system in very good condition. The engine numbers start MX123 which i thought was a bit strange...anyone know of, or come across an engine like this before?

    Well. that's were i'm at right now, once the v5 comes through i will start stripping them down to see what i've got to play with. Then probably chuck the best bits together to see what i still need... then the fun really begins! 😄

    My updates will probably be sporadic at best so i will apologize for that now! haha

    I brought a load of parts from Victor from the old forum a while back, I'm absolutely kicking myself for selling most them now!

    One thing that i want for sure is a set of passenger foot pegs and hangers if anyone has some kicking about?

    Thanks for reading 😄

  • As the years go on, the parts are becoming harder to get a hold of, and certaining increasing in value!
    Hey looking good though.

    Lots of bikes there to build a few bikes!

    My only query is, are they all legit.

    Seeing as you've got them from all over the place, is there not a risk of them being ringers?

    Pretty common for these bikes 😞

  • Yeah i already have the v5 for the hybrid. The red one should be fine as the lad that i brought it from used to have it on the road, and i have his address, v5 is on order so i will find out soon enough with that one. The last one has numbers and the seller assured me that it can be re-registered, and gave me a full receipt and business card. So fingers crossed they will all come good, if not...well i guess that's the risk in buying these bikes cheap in poor condition. Besides i'm not the kind of guy that will just take a loss if anything goes wrong, I will hunt the fcukers down and get my money back! haha

  • @Fused Haha too right.

    I reckon you can sort these out and even turn a profit.

  • That would be nice, but i won't be getting my hopes up. It's a labour of love more then anything 😄

  • @Fused If even one of those DT's are made road worthy then that's a job well done.

    Numbers must be getting low on the dt front.

  • Not many left at all...Clicky

  • So about half of them left now. It will just keep declining no doubt.