Adjusting The Suspension

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    Can anyone give me some info on how to firm up rear shock n while your at it the front end too, dives to much under breakin 4 me ,anyone know of a quick fix without buying new springs ? Cheers ppl DAVE

    Yep. Rear shock, get the bike on a stand with no weight on the rear wheel n swingarm, undo the dogbones, theres a nut underneath the shock, turn that around a few times.. dont just do that.. il check the haynes manual in a bit (theres a maximum turn amount).


    Front forks, again put bike on a stand, no weight on the front, take the handlebars off (just to move out the way, push them over the clocks or something. In the top of the forks theres 2 huge hexagonal headed cap things, will need a big spanner, undo them. There you will see your forks spacers, take em out. Go to B&Q.. plumbers.. heating company.. engineering, w/e. Then find some spacers (there are just piping sections, hollow pipe) not sure what diameter they are but finding a match will be easy. I bought mine off carl1349 (cant remember the numbers haha) havent seen him around for a bit, message him if you know who i mean. You have a DTX so im not sure how long they are, mine were 100mm long, replaced them with 150mm, made a big difference 🙂


    Craig them "huge hexagonal headed cap things" are also known as bolts :D:D
    Hairdoo try changing the oil in the forks it can make quite a lot of difference if its old smelly oil in it. Also putting in heavier weight oil can stiffen them up, iirc dts use 15w fork oil, try 20w maybe?
    Alot of people do it with bandits, they go from 10w to 15w. I have and it made a big difference imo.
    And ever thought your just breaking too hard lol i don't have too much diving on mine.

    Not to hard really if your planning on just changing the oil. Take the front wheel off undo the fork caps (be carefull as it will be under pressure from the spring) i just loosen it until i get the forks off. Then undo then yoke clamps and drop them down, undo the top cap now. Tip them up and oil will come out but so will the spacers and the spring. Then give the forks a pump to release any excess fluid. Squash them down and fill up with oil to the correct level, not sure how much a dtx takes check the manual/haynes to find out (don't go by volume go by the distance off the top of the fork. Put the spring back in, then the washer, then the spacer put the cap back on. Put back into the yokes and put the wheel back on. Job done (Y)

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