2006 DTX engine into a 1999 dtr frame.

  • Hello.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to swap my engine with a newer dtx engine, and mount the kickstart in the newer engine, so i have both starting options, i already know the frame would accept it, but will the old cdi accept this? and also the wiring loom? i have the opportunity to buy a dtx loom and cdi but would be better if it is not needed, Thanks for your toughts on this.


  • Dtx engine fits in frame. The genny and stator are different. So you would need rectifier, assuming they are different and cdi and powervalve servo if they are different. The cranks are different so you can't fit a starter to an R engine but the X engine can take the kickstarter.

  • @Calum would you recommend it if i just bought the wiring loom + cdi? i can get a set in good shape for 55pounds, the powervalve servo is also included with the engine, so i will probably buy the engine+ loom + cdi and put the kickstarter in the dtx engine and voila 🙂

  • @Bootsmanaa Can't see the point personally. You will need the switch gear also, then you would need the headlight. The RE'S electrics were uprated to cope with the starter, so you would need a bigger battery, bigger fuse.

    I think it will be more expensive that you think.

    But all that for 55 quid is an absolute steal! And it would be a good project, just the gains of an electric start are too few to warrant that being the reason.

  • @Calum the switch gear is included in the loom, and i already have a dtx headlight,

    but the electric start would just be a little extra, the fact is my current engine needs a cranck rebuild and top end rebore, so i think i might aswell spend a little moe to get this. the engine itself looks really good.

  • @Calum

    Here are some pics of the loom and the engine

    0_1482698618347_dt1.PNG 0_1482698628594_dt2.PNG 0_1482698633138_dt3.PNG

  • That is a lot of stuff for 55 quid. Loads of spares. I would buy it for a spares.

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