• Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for the recent outages I've been upgrading the machine and forum software, consequently something bad happened and the box refused to come back on line.

    Some things during investigation grabbed my attention so I saw to them whilst fixing the issues.

    We're now on the latest version of the forum software, but I can already see some potential bugs and what not.

    I will keep an eye on them, and upgrade at the latest opportunity.

    For now just bare with any bugs we see.

    Kind Regards,


  • @Calum Another challenge to master, looks good my end - great work bud, but no smilies??? :O(

  • Poxy Internet went down. Joys of running it from home I guess...

  • @andrew1680 Yeah Hi Andrew. Post your account name in the forum problem related section. I will have a look for you.

  • keep up the great work mate the forum is a source of information for everybody

  • Forum upgraded :

    I just need to reinstall everything again.

    let me know if something is missing.

    I really ought to make a note of what I install lol 😄

  • @Calum Does it not auto-save from the last upgrade then???

    And you know what's missing already - 😞 LOL

  • @CYBER-NINJA no I know I checked emojis. They were working why have they stopped ffs.

    It's a little more complicated than that. Remember it's not a paid service. So you have to manage the source code yourself. All of yhe extensions get blatted when you up grade 😄

  • @Calum DAMN that's a shame, maybe the forum's creators could add that feature if you asked them enough??? LOL 😉

  • Welcome to the world of server administration. Each time something (or even more annoyingly in bigger organisations, someone) breaks something, it is your job to fix it! Doesn't seem too bad at first, but imagine that 2am call I used to get... "Hello Minia, yeah I know it's early but Keith f*cked it up again and we need this running again asap".

    Never, again.

  • @CYBER-NINJA When I upgrade thr forum you pull down the source code for the forum and then build it.

    It may very well be that a module we used is no longer compatible. Plus it's not really a flaw in the forum as it is with Github. When I update the code I get clashes with github as I have manually modifed packages, the addons.

    You can't clone the code without sorting the clashes.

    I did copy the information but when I examined the difference between versions I determined it was best to start fresh

  • @Minia @Calum All too complex for lil ole me, so I'll let you coding guru's decipher the what, where, how and why's of it all. Good job anyways BTW!!! 👍

  • @CYBER-NINJA Well it's just about keeping the forum software up to date. That's one of the problems with the old forum, it was just so dated.

  • @Calum I'm sure it served it's purpose, if not just as a training/simulation tool to learn off of? But also as a great source of shared info and experience's? Plus I'm sure many lessons and great knowledge has been acquired along the way??? 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA Sure, if that's all you want.

    But the community that was once there all left.

    I dunno, back in its day it was a really awesome forum.

    I do miss those days....

  • @Calum I've just found a bug, (or maybe's its a new feature?). But the ability to edit one's post had disappeared. Clicking on the 3 dot's now only allow's the user to share the post externally. Is that a new feature as I don't recall it being there before???

  • @CYBER-NINJA You should only be able to edit your own posts, unless a moderator/admin. Or you talking about your own.

  • @Calum I didn't mean it that way bud. Making new friends with a common interest is always one of life's pleasure's. Interaction and healthy debate's are always fun, plus two (or more) minds trying to solve a problem is always better. And you get to see others ideas and creativity too, which is always a bonus!!! 🙂

  • @Calum When I click the 3 dots on any of my posts, all I get are the options to bookmark or share the post. Previously there were options to edit or delete them, have they been removed now bud???

  • @CYBER-NINJA Must have been disabled. I'll look into it.