• Hi all my names rick I'm currently working on my 2001 dt125r project with yz sm mods so joined up to say hi and find out what other projects people have on the go cheers rick

  • Hello welcome to site.

    Sounds interesting I look forward to seeing it.

    There are some wicked projects people sre doing st the moment. However they haven't ported them across to this new site. Our old site is in process of being closed down so hopefully will start to buzz round here.

  • Seen a few projects on the other site and seen it was going to close down so came over and signed up

  • On this forum all you need to do is post the location of the image and Nodebb will do the rest.

    Check the announcement page for more details.

    Yeah that's a good shout. The old site admin isn't active anymore so I've taken over and you can be sure I'll keep on top of things. The only way this site will take off is when the old site closes for good.

    But recent years has seen a decline in this forum. Shame. From the stats this site gets a lot of hits for such low members.

  • Edited the pic will keep an eye on the forum be nice to see other people's projects and don't mind helping people out if there stuck also have a good spare parts stock 😊

  • Yes mate that looks lush.

  • looking good that bud!
    do like the yz swingarm on a dt 👍

  • Cheers it's a lot of work and money but should be worth it in the end

  • Yeah we're no strangers to lots of money spent on projects.

  • Haha its never ending my fault as I keep changing my mind with different bits on the bike here's how she was when I got her http://i572.photobucket.com/albums/ss167/r1cky_01/Mobile Uploads/received_10207403044377120_zpsslxuhldq.jpeg

  • Aww yes mate. 100% behind your choices there. It is looking so much better now.

    Do you ever think though that you're butchering a classic?

    I'm not saying it's okay with my bike, but mine got nicked and was nearly written off. So a change was inevitable. But yours looks rather original there.

  • I'm the second owner with a total of 9k on it from standard and was fully restricted but I don't mind butchering it its not going to be sold so may aswell have it how I like

  • it's an interesting twist the butchering aspect , I remember back in the good old days ( ok never mind the age jokes I will slap your legs !! I am not that old at 22 and a little bit ) the same argument about people butchering old british twins and the like , but nine times out of ten it was being done to bikes that the race rep go faster boys had smashed up and could not put back to go faster trim so did Easy rider /street fighter things with them , but what they did they was they managed to put bikes back on the road that were heading for the scrap bin , and the fact that they were heading for the bin made it financially viable to do the easy rider /Street fighter thing , and now many years later what has happened is many of the bikes they did have fallen by the way side as often the frames were not up to the job the heart of the project the engine has been bought by the classic brigade and used to bring classic bikes back from the almost dead back to life , so it would appear to me that as long as they don't end up in the scrap bin don't worry too much everything has it's day and what goes around comes around , the moral being never throw things in the scrap bin if it is at all repairable just put it at the back of the shed and wait for its day to come back round , it will given time just give it a good wrapping to make sure it does not deteriorate and stick a label on it so you know when you get to the age some think I am you will know what it is , what do you mean is this the voice of experience ?? NO I am far too young to be that wise , lol
    Cal Shhhhh