cdi restriction

  • hi all,

    i have a 1998 dt 125 r and it runs very well however it will only rev to around this a restriction in the cdi or is it just tired?
    is it possible to fit an earlier cdi to allow the engine to rev into the red?

    thanks in advance for any answeres

  • If it is a 1998, then it should be an older loom type and CDI, with a much higher Ignition retard around 10,500 Rpm.

    But it could have the final CDI type 99' onwards which is restricted to 8,500 Rpm. So there is no way getting round that without a custom CDI or retro fitting a Pre 1994' loom.

    But you need so many parts to convert to an older CDI, it is pointless!

    Look up Zeeltronic or Ignitech CDI systems, if you want true engine performance.

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