• Hi guys i have the dtx I've stripped the top end and just wondering if I should be able to turn the Powervalve 360 degrees or not and when I set it up so that it's flush with the exhaust port the hole on the pully doesn't line up with the hole on the casing it's slightly off to the right

  • Have you installed the powervalve upside down?

    With the plastic cap off the near side of the bike, you should be able to rotate the valve 360 degrees. It should move quite freely.

    If the barrel has been rebored then you will need to modify the valve to stop it hitting the piston.

  • @Calum thanks don't think it's upside-down or been rebored still on standard size piston but it's definitely hitting something as it won't turn all the way round

  • Without looking at mine I really couldn't say if it should spin all the way around or not.

  • @Calum I'll upload some pics of it soon see what you think