• Forum Update

    There is going to be a forum outage at some point this weekend.

    The forums software has become out of date and I may as well update the machine as well.

    I don't know how long this will take, or when I will actually get around to doing it. Either way if you find you can't access the forum, that'll be why.

    It will all come back up on Monday.


    As has been request, I will also get around to setting up the emails on this server so that they actually work. I shall try and include this for the outage this weekend

    Hardware Update

    Also, I would like to note, there will be another outage in the next few weeks or so. The hardware I am using is going to be upgrade for a faster machine and just a general refresh.

    URL Change

    I also intend to move the location of the forum to dt125r.co.uk/forum and instead have a home page not related to the forum software. This change is going to be massive under the hood, as all of the links are going to need to be changed.

    When I actually do this latter change I don't actually know. As said I will have to buy a new computer and stuff so it's whenever I got the spare cash.

    Website Upgrade

    I do want to shake the web site up a little bit and offer more content, this will come over the course of the year, but in order for these changes to be accommodated, I must first invest in some new hardware.

    Ultimately the majority of this work is not going to happen overnight, significant time is going to be invested to ensure that we do not lose the hard work we have put into this forum.

    If there are any questions be sure to let me know down below



  • Forum Updated, haven't looked into the email client yet.

    I have started making some head way on our forum stickers, and a side project involving an OLED screen 😄

    alt text

    What we actually need are transfers, as such these stickers are not suitable.

    Our forum Logo is Red. I plan to have variations of URL colours, but I want to keep the logo Red and White as this attributes the decal to our Forum, rather than just Yamaha.

    I want to do something cool with the OLED screen as well. I'm not sure what just yet but maybe a digital Clock with our Forum logo on it. Your name, etc.

  • STICKERS ARE LOOKING GOOD 🙂 (swingarm bnuisness)

    i really like OLED screen idea too. keep at it man !

  • The idea with the OLED screen is to fit one into my Starlet.

    Making it weatherproof for the DT would be tricky. Also powering it.

    But we could make a novelty item.

  • Global Moderator

    Like the sound of the OLED dt125r clock! Could have it running off the 12v battery with a 12v converter to whatever voltage it runs off. 5v?

  • @Mightyman How would it keep track of the time?

    It won't have an RTC meaning once the power is cut, that's it.

    I was thinking more like an executive toy USB powered.

  • Looks nice. Send me some stickers in black and I'll throw them on the bike 😉

  • @Minia I will do once I get a choice of colours and proper transfers definitely