• Guys , maybe a funny question but this is new to me and going to change the big end bearings and conrod and Im heard about truing the crankshaft with dial test indicator. Not sure if I need to do it after I change the bearings and conrod. 0_1490815849129_$_86.JPG

  • Yes you will definitely need to.do.it. I strongly recommend that if you don't know what you are doing then let a specialist do it. It cost me £30 for Yamaha to do it

  • That was exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you @Calum . 👍 Will search for a local specialist.

  • PJME probably will do this for you bud.

  • Im watched some vids and tutorials about it and have all the equipment and dti at work incl. 5 years machinist experience but this is such a critical part of the engine which I wasnt sure if I can do in with basic information. If its only £30 then well spent money with some sort of insurance from professional... I know one who I trust 100 % so will ask him tomorrow , if he will not able to do it then I will contact your people 👍 wanted to get all the bits and pieces together as I have 3 days to rebuild the engine because Im working and leaving split engine in my garage might as well kill it 😂

  • @Zrako Lol, nah. I split my Aprilia cases, this time last year. And will put them back together in a few months to come.

    It'll be fine, wrap a clean rag around it.

    Build your experience on another engine you don't care about.


    Skellerns was £28 + Vat. For me a few years back.

  • @Calum bookmarked , they look pretty solid 👌