fitting delorto vhsa 32 carb

  • hi all,in the next couple of days im going to try and fit this carb.does any body know the needle position?also when you say from the top i presume you mean down from the top

  • It's a completely different carb mate. It'll need rejetting to suit your state of tune.

    I'm running this carb, but then I'm running a ported barrel, underslung pipe and RAM air filter.

    So it's going to be completely different to your situation

  • yes i know its a completly different carb but i would like to try it.

  • @admiral323 Right, but you're asking how it should be jetted, when jetting is not as simple as "Oh it's the third one down". It'll completely depend on what jet's you're running, needles you've got and the state of tune that your bike is in.

    For that reason you must take into consideration that there is not a one size fits all. It's going to be trial and error until you dial it in to your bike.

  • cheers i understand what your saying,in my mind everythings always simple on holiday this week so will spend a day or so experimenting

  • @admiral323 I found that it just runs far too rich.

    I've got a U21 Needle I think. It's basically this fat mother, so it only runs rich when it's wide open throttle and probably lean else where lol.

    It was all a bit botched in there and it's really awkward getting it in and out.

    The inlet manifold will need modifying as well to take the carb. In the end I used a 32 to 28mm step down carb joiner. Haven't run it yet to see if that runs any better.

  • have bought a second hand normal dt inlet that im going to trim out.i have the original 4dl 32mm joiner and will try to join that to the original.i have ho idea of the needle size thats currently in it but she is fairly thin and pointy.ive went the opposite way to you and bought a u1 needle to try.the jet size is a 148.