YPVS Servo Problem

  • I know it's probably been asked before but I can't find any answers. I got hold of a working 5 wire Servo with cables etc for my 2003 DTR (01 engine fitted)
    Plugged it in (Block & Bullet connector) and seemed to have no power going to the servo at all. No cleaning cycle etc. (Cables disconnected, Battery seems ok) Anyone know what the issue could be? Heard about a YPVS controller somewhere under the rear mudguard? Or possibly a fault with the CDI? Can anyone help? Cheers.

  • If you can, get it plugged into another dt to test

  • I have done so I know the servo motor is definitely working, just isn't working when plugged into mine. Is the white relay under the rear mudguard related to the YPVS?

  • Try swapping a cdi from the other bike to rule out its the cdi

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