DTR Build Up

  • @ConnorDTR Nice maN. Bike is looking good. Shame about the motor. Any problems be sure to throw them up. These enines are very simple.

  • @ConnorDTR Glad to see your keeping the bike mate 👍🏻 Im still loving the colours of this bike makes it stand out such a lovely build

  • how much have you spent so far

  • @Biker_123 well i couldn't get rid of it, too much work for what i would get back from selling, it's a project after all it's supposed to break and need fixing! That and my student loan turns out more than i expected and i'll be keeping my job every other weekend when i'm at uni. The bike looks tatty as anything i reckon, the plastics are all stained and it's way too plain, i'm feeling some stickers when everything is sorted, make it stand out a bit more.
    @Calum Will do, nowhere i could think of where i can get any better advice. There's a complete strip down video on youtube which i must have watched about 10 times by now aswell!

    @jimmydc98 God knows, wouldn't like to know either. Too much

  • @ConnorDTR Have you decided if your keeping it trail or going SM with it mate once it's up and running again? Yeah some graphics would set it off although its still a good looking bike as it is in my opinion.

  • @Biker_123 Definitely supermoto, i never go off the road really as there isn't anywhere decent round here and i prefer to get the bike over on a nice road! Thanks dude, but it's too plain for me at the moment. But i've got more important things to fix than aesthetics first

  • Well she's up and running again, I stripped my engine completely and split the crankcases.
    Then looked on ebay and found a running engine for £250 plus delivery. So i've bought that and installed it back into the bike. It's from a later 4bl bike and i've found that you can use the later stator with the early style wiring loom and cdi. Just have to change the connectors over! Only thing i'm having trouble with is my speedo keeps turning on and off (koso clocks) So i'll just wire it to the battery. Went out for a rip with my friend who just recently purchased a ktm 125 six days and that is a complete different league in terms of bike. So much more grunt than what i am used to! Still though dt kept up with him at about 70mph but he said he wasn't wide open.
    So i plan on keeping this offroad setup now, much more fun when you have a friend to ride with and a bike with an engine that doesn't break. Completely fell in love with it again, however my clutch cable frayed so i had to ride about 8 miles home with not clutch, was quite easy to be honest hardest part is getting going

    My plan now is to rebuild my original engine, new rod, big end and crank bearings. Gearbox bearings etc seals you get it complete bottom end rebuild. Then maybe a 170 with ports corrected 😉 Who knows, but next payday this things having a powervalve servo fitted onto it

  • Those ktm 125's are crazy quick! Glad your bikes up and running mate and you can finally enjoy it again .

  • Nice bike dude. I'm envious that yours is running.

  • @Biker_123 They're mental, only blipped the throttle in second gear at like 10 mph and it just wants to shoot off! Deffinitely what i would upgrade to.

    @Uber_Beluga Don't be envious! As my luck goes this will last all of 2 weeks haha

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