Ypvs question ?

  • Hi guys I was under the impression that a pv opens fully at high revs opening exhaust port hence more power but this leaves me confused as pic 1 is open fully
    And picture 2 makes me think that the pv is at the closed position ?
    And all I've read on the pv turning clockwise with I'm thinking it's actually closing ??
    Because also on pv casing on the head it's numbers 1 and 2 same on servo but 1 goes to two and vice verca as in almost every other pics I've seen online
    So my thought is what would happen if I flipped my servo back to front so the servo cog and boot are facing in to frame and connected cable 1 with 1 and 2 and 2 wouldn't that have the better effect ??
    Just a thought any feedback or gurus that could she'd some light on this please

  • That wouldn't make any sense?

    Think about it, because the Powervalve would be rotating the wrong way.

    Then seize to effectively change the height of the exhaust port.

  • Sorry boys dumb question just finished my rebuild to realise that pv will do cleaning cycle then when started the pv moves to closed position then opens accordingly

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