• Hi :), i have a 2001 DT125r with the TM28SS flat slide carb, ive been having problems since i got it, from anything to not idling to leaking fuel from the float bowl through the tube commig out the bottem and after spending lots of money on parts from damerells i have given up, im looking for a new carb which would be the best replacement, the price dosent really matter but i just want it to run like it should, if anyone has any ideas on what would be best then please leave a comment, anything will help 🙂


  • Ive just been looking and the carb keeps flooding through all the tubes when the petrol tap is turned on, the floats not stuck either, i have no clue

  • Can't believe I missed this one.

    The float height should be adjustable, lower it to shut the fuel off before it leaks out. Also be sure to set the carb within the little notch to make sure it's upright.

  • thanks callum the carbs all working fine now but cant seem to get the powervalve set right now...