• I just got my first DT, I've owned and worked on bikes before.
    I should come clean, it's an RE, but I plan to swap out for an R engine at some point.

    I'm looking for someone to advise me on certain parts for this bike, Have I come to the right place?

  • Hi there,

    May I ask what is wrong with an RE?

    The engines are identical bar the flywheel and starter motor.

    The cdi is easier to derestricted.

    It is not worth your time swapping the engines over mate.

    What is worth your time is retrofitting a kick starter to the re engine. I wrote a tutorial about that should you to do that.

    What are your plans for the Bike?

  • There isn't anything wrong with an RE, if anything i reckon they look better. Much sharper looking than the old shape

  • yamaha dt 125x all the way lol