New bike, no clue

  • Hi,

    I recently bought a DTR 125 from a local lad who sold it as a "none runner"

    Ive had a couple DTR's when I was younger but never really had any problems with them what so ever.

    I am 31 now and fancied abit of nostalgia, what better than to bring me back to my youth than a DT 125.!

    Any way back on topic, the bike was in a sorry way, typical of a 17/18 year olds bike that does not look after or maintain anything.

    The whole top end needed rebuilding so I replaced the piston, rings, small end bearing, recon cylinder and head and spark plug.
    Fresh fuel and extra 2 stroke in the mix (just incase the oil pump wasn't working hence the origional top end failure)
    The head gasket I bought failed immediatly before even starting the engine water was dripping out the head.!
    I over come this by skimming the head and using some extreme high temperature copper gasket with the metal head gasket and some new open ended head bolts. (Worked brilliantly)

    After the rebuild the bike started straight away, not a problem.!
    I rode it gently for 2.3 miles, along the way it cut out a couple of times but i just put that down to teething problems.

    2.3 miles down the road, I got off the bike and left it running for about a minute and it cut out and failed to ever start again.!
    Ive tried kick starting and bump starting over long distance and nothing.!

    Had the carb and reeds out today and they look fine other than the float tray rubber gasket was split (could this be a reason for not starting.?)

    Not really 110% sure if I checked the coil correctly with the multimeter but I did attempted it this evening in the dark and think I got a reading of 1.0 ohms for the coil and 10.6 for the lead and plug.

    Any ideas would be greatly received and thank you in advance for reading this. 😊

  • @dazzagtir so if the float bowl was leaking then it was most likely the reason why it was cutting out so I would sugges pre mixing a bit of fuel dump a little down the head put the sparky back in and see if she starts

  • Cheers Declan,

    I will try that tomorrow.

    I did try that yesterday however I got distracted for about 30 minutes after pouring the fuel in, when I went to start it after there was still no joy, I put it down to the fuel evaporating.
    I didn't have the time to take the plug back out and try again.

    Ive ordered a new gasket so when that arrives I will test it again.

  • @dazzagtir you got good compression still was the sparky wet,black or?

  • Compression is still great, can really feel it with the thumb iver the sparky hole and even with the reeds off on the intake.
    Spark plug was coked in black but I think that down to the pre mix fuel and also the oil pump putting oil in too.

  • @dazzagtir really could be a case of a fouled plug especially if you didn't put a new one in I suggest picking a new one up for the sakes or £2.50

  • @declan apparently the br9es is a better plug I use b9es but that's upto you.

  • The plug is brand new.!
    Unless its a faulty plug.?
    I am also thinking that perhaps its a sparking issue as when I have tested the spark ive never been able to see one, however I tested the spark before the rebuild and it was exactly the same but it still started after the rebuild.

    I am going to spend a whole day tomorrow taking it apart and testing things, looking for rusty earths etc.

    I'm not a mechanic so its more hot and hope for me. 😂

  • @dazzagtir well it could always be a faulty plug and you should be able to see the spark so put it against the engine in semi dark or shaded conditions and make sure you see a healthy blue spark jump.

  • @declan I operate on pure hope mate 😂😂😂

  • @dazzagtir btw can I see a pic of your ride 😉0_1495839671429_IMG_1103.JPG

  • I will buy a new plug tomorrow but to be honest I dont think ive ever seen a healthy blue spark.!
    Which means if its electrical it could be the plug, HT lead/cap, coil, CDI, earth... think of anymore.? 😂

    To be honest I dont think ive taken a photo of it since I bought it a few days ago.

    Its abit of a sh*t box to be honest, its seen better days and looks more like a "rat look" not by choice but by lack of maintenance. 😂

    Actually theres a picture I took when i was pushing it home. 😂


  • @dazzagtir even after I spent hours on mine yours is still better how much did you pay it's a pretty nice bike

  • @declan I see you got a drink there bet you were half dead when you got home and electricity really isn't my strongpoint sorry lol

  • 15 second Video I made of when I first started the bike immediately after the rebuild, seems to be running perfectly healthy from what I can see and hear.

    Ive just chucked it onto youtube so you can watch it. 👍

  • I pushed it roughly 4 miles.
    I have access to a van but that day someone else was using it so I opted to just lug it home.
    I was abit tired at the end but no dramas. 😂
    Paid £550 and it also came with a set of knobbly tyres too.
    The road tyres are brand new, MOT until December I think.

  • @dazzagtir good deal I paid 900 for mine but the top end went I've been out on it a few times and love the thing

  • Ive had it about 5 days now.
    I bought it broken.
    Rebuilt the top end and then covered 2.3 miles and back to square 1 again.!
    I couple of minutes I was riding it, I was riding like a granny because of the rebuild and didn't get past a few thousand RPM so didn't get to enjoy that nostalgia feeling of power valve kicking in. 😂

  • @dazzagtir honestly I went easy for for about 40 mins and then started taking it up to 7k let the power get there then Change and it seems fine that's how I'm riding it some do hundreds of miles of easy riding but I worked hard on it and want to enjoy it and enjoying it Iam.

  • Lol, If I manage to get it going again I will do some more easy riding as ive owned 2 strokes in the past and ive also killed 2 strokes in the past.
    I am happy to sit easy for a few hundred miles and open her up occasionally.
    I cant wait to get it up amd running again and hit the road in the sun. 🌞

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