Clutch plate installation

  • Hi guys,
    I lost my Haynes manual, until I find it, can someone tell me the order to install the clutch plates? If I remember it correctly, they have to be staggered in some special order, but I can't remember how exactly. Can any one you help me out, once again? (Calum ;))

  • Yeah it's nothing special. They just need inserting back 60 degrees apart, or there abouts. And the smallest clutch ring goes at the bottom. Then the special wavy ring above that. They just as they come.

    I tend to do them opposite each other. So diagonals. but I've never noticed much difference either way. There should be a copy under tutorials for installing a kick start lever in RE. I documented how to build the clutch in there.

  • Thanks Calum!
    Got it sorted out today. Ready to fit the engine again in the next few days, can't wait..