Cancel oil pump - yes or no?

  • Hi!

    I am considering cancelling the oil pump on my '95 DT 125 R - i've spend a lot of money restoring the engine, complete with rebore and new bearings all around, I don't want it to die on me again because of a oil pump that MAY fail.

    Thoughts on this? Anyone ever done it? If yes, what did you use to close the hole? And what about the throttle cable?

  • It was a common thing to do for many. Well respected, imo, Scrimustang said he never had a problem and thought the pump was extremely reliable. He was a ex Yamaha mechanic and restores dts for fun. Very very knowledgeable person.

    I am running a ported engine and it was recommended by Mick Abbey for me to remove the oil pump and go premix.

    Before that I ran the oil pump slightly adjusted to add a little more oil than stock. I posted a video on YouTube of how this should look. A quick search dt oil pump will find it.

    As for the cable you can split that at the Junction box. The pipe I fed to the carb I think. You don't want an air leak.

  • Thanks, once again. I will remove it, don't want to worry about, even if it is supposed to be very reliable.
    Did you remove the entire pumpe, or just the cog that drives it? My first plan was to remove the entire pump, but then I can't figure out how to close the hole.

  • That's a point. Yeah at least if you remove the cog you could leave it all in tact. Choice is yours.