"Tuning" advantages of open air filters

  • I bring this up as I have a cheap k&n filter on a 2 stroke and it runs great but will not ride loses power and is frustrating it don't bog or hesitate on revs but is it possible to be loosing mid to high rev range power?

  • @declan If you alter the induction system it will have a knock-on effect and alter the air/fuel mixture, so yes that will in turn alter the running and affect the bikes RPM. As the engine will either be running too rich or too lean. As with all engine mods any small changes will have an overall knock-on effect, you simply just can't modify one component without it affecting the others. Engines aren't designed that way, manufacturers spend millions in R&D and produce a balanced product for the mass market.

    The biggest problem is the CDI, as that's the engines 'brain'. It is factory set to work with a set group of components, alter any and you have upset that balance. If you are truly set on modifying your engine, you will need to modify every part accordingly. And an upgraded CDI such as a Zeeltech, which will enable you to run custom maps, is the only way that you will see overall improvements and more power. A programmable engine management system will enable you too 'tune' your engine and it's components, so that they are all working towards the same goal. Plus it will get you the best out of any other mods/upgrades that you add. It is the one single upgrade that will enhance all others and should be every modders starting point. 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA I understand the knock on effect I didn't do this mod is it possible to be running really lean but have no obvious signs for example the bike warms up at a slow rate and revs great but won't ride past 2nd gear and if attempted to ride as such the bike then loses all of its power and won't even pull in 1st

  • @declan Short answer - YES!

    Long answer -
    The symptoms which you are describing are from your engine not running in 'balance'. Too much or too little air will cause problems, too much or too little fuel will cause problems, too big or too small a spark will cause problems. You need a balance to get the optimum and reliable performance from your engine. Which is why once you start modding, a programmable CDI will sync everything together, as you will be able to tune your engine's brain to your mechanical parts accordingly. Ie. adjust fueling, induction and ignition to accommodate your mods.

    If you upgrade or modify the induction system, you will also need to upgrade the fueling and the ignition. Combustion engines require 3 simple elements to work effectively - fuel + air + a spark = power. All 3 need to be in balance or problems will occur.

  • @CYBER-NINJA I'll look into it thank you for your time!

  • @declan Your welcome, I edited my post please re-read it for new info. 😉

  • @CYBER-NINJA I will do some testing by restricting air flow and getting a new cdi