Full power, worth the risk on cbt

  • Probably sounds stupid as I would want to put a dep on a normal dtr anyway but would you be able to insure and get away with having a full power dtr

  • @r11ys-d See my comments in your other post;


    If you modify the bike and do not tell the insurer then your insurance will be voided if you have an accident. But they would need to send an inspector round to verify the bike's condition, in the event of any claim that you make. If you notify them of your mods your bike will be insured, but the premium will increase.

  • @cyber-ninja I'm more concerned about whether the police can tell its full power, if they put the reg through the data base will it say

  • @r11ys-d The police will not be able to tell that at all, their database will not have that information. It will only state year, CC , model, colour, owner etc. If you ride like a nutter you will get stopped more. If you are breaking speed limits you will get stopped more. If you are being a nuisance you will get stopped! If you ride safe you are less of an attraction.

    Adding a DEP pipe will not give you more than 1-2 Bhp and maybe a couple of extra MPH too at best, it will aid the expulsion of exhaust gases, sound better and give you slightly better acceleration. Plus it looks blingey. - THAT'S IT! The gains are marginal as it is not a turbo dude.

  • I'm sounding like a right wuss in my old age, I'm just going to go for it, might not even put the dep on if the bikes fun without, I never insured my old bike with the dep, I don't plan on riding like a fool, it's just to get me to work and back till I can do my full licence

  • @r11ys-d My advice is this;

    1. Buy the bike.
    2. Ride it stock and enjoy it.
    3. Buy a DEP and note the diferences.
    4. Chose which set-up you prefer and you will be happy.
    5. Either tell your insurer or not - totally your call.

    If adding the DEP to your bike is not to your liking, you can always swap back to the stock pipe and sell the DEP. Either way it's all about being happy and having the enjoyment of riding your bike!!! 😉

  • Either way, if you wait till you put the pipe on, you'll enjoy it more when you do fit it 😄