Can anyone help diagnose engine noise?

  • I was riding the bike after breaking it in. Run it thought 3 heat cycles over the space of an hour. Was running a 40:1 mixture and there was no leaking coolant. My guess is it's the clutch boss rubbing. Didn't sound like the cylinder was scraping at the end of the video to me and would kick over fine after stopping and would not scrap kicking over? anyways heres the video.


    Don't judge my riding thanks.

  • It's not the kick start is it? Noticed it was still sticking out a bit

  • Found out what it was one of the legs had snapped on the clutch boss due to me forgetting to me forgetting to put one on the shaft behind the basket...

  • Pic for anyone intrested in forgetting to put the washer on and having to get a new one from USA for £40


  • Was that new? Cause that's a good price.

  • @calum I found that the wr200 clutch boss from 1992 were exactly the same as the dt ones and they are plentiful in the USA market selling for around £20-30 quid postage is also around £20 so around £40-£50 for a clutch boss instead of a NOS one for £110! won't forget the washer on this one 😛

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