Baffle inside dep end can?

  • Just bought a used dep end can cut it down to stubby it
    An found there is no inner pipe ( baffle )
    I thought this was welded in
    Has someone removed it or do some pipes not have one

  • Should be a long perferated tube surrounded by wadding inside the end can.

  • It's empty no wadding or pipe inside

  • The baffe is not welded into the Dep end can, It just sits over the exhaust pipe which protrudes into the end can a touch. A bit odd why this is gone, It's useless without it. The baffle is nothing special, you could roll some perforated steel, or thick mesh. I don't recommend cutting down the original Dep end can. Nothing to gain except noise.

    An old school 88-92' YZ/CR FMF end can fits all right, there much easier to service as well.

  • @Darty agree with Darty here!

    I went custom yo!

    Bought a nice Carbon Fibre Jolly Moto End can for an Aprilia rs125 and fabricated that.

  • I think I should be able to fit the baffle from my big one exhaust in to the dep

    The Dt engine isn't in a Dt an the shape of the dep gives more room

  • @dan28 yeah that's fine. I can use my jolly moto on any expansion chamber.