Yamaha dtr 1999 125cc

  • Re: Setting up the PowerValve

    Yamaha dtr 125 1999 not reving over 7k it has done before but since putting new powervalve in it Disney seem to work properly had new cables as old ones was fraid ? Could it be the valve or summit it els ? Had a thought if it’s the crank seals ? Carb? I’ve had the valve set both ways open and closed but neither have worked ?

  • My money is on the powervalve not operating as intended.

  • @calum should it go right and then left again when on full revs (if you are facing the pulley wheel) thanks in advance mate

  • It will do a cleaning cycle when powered on and off.

    I can't remember off the top of my head what the cycle is.

    I think it goes from whatever the position was when you switch the bike off, to CLOSED to OPEN to CLOSED.

    Therefore, the way I set my bikes up.

    Take the exhaust off. Turn the ignition on and off. Run your finger along the exhaust port, and ensure the port sits flush with the valve when operating the cycles.

  • The cleaning cycle is from wherever it is to the right , then to the left and than middle.

  • @calum I’ve reset the powevalve and still doing the same fiddled with some wire inside the speedo and it works for few second could it be bad earth on deristiction?

  • @giorgio95 Must be first DTR with cdi on the back of the oiltank ? Wire in speedo you messed with white/black from the reed switch ? Thats linked to the cdi then ypvs servo. Sounds like it could just be a bad connection in the circuit somewhere if its kicking in when you move it.

    Easiest and proper way to set the ypvs cables on the pully wheel under the cover is like this.

    On the pully wheel in between the cables is a notch in the wheel, when you switch your ignition on and the ypvs spins over its cycle when it comes to a rest the notch should line up with the dot directly behind it. If it does thats it set properly just make sure the cables are tensioned up ok. Same applies if you have to adjust them to get it to line up and then your good to go.

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