• Anybody used one of Romeu Henriques exhaust systems and if so what jetting changes did you make? The guy having the 89 dtr wants the sequential construction of the exhaust like his but the Gianelli ones like that are listed as for the later dtrs not early ones. Will they still fit the early bikes and any idea what changes may need to be made to brackets if it will fit etc. Asking a lot I know but any help appreciated.

  • Yeah that's what I am running onnmine. Although mines an underslung.

    Of course I would rejet to suit, but I have a totally different setup.

    My pipe isn't fixed, it's bracket rotates, effectively meaning it'll fit regardless as you can move it away from obstruction.

  • I have the full hendriques system, my bikes stock apart from airbox snorkel removed, 250 main jet works well.

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