Snorkel out flat power curve?

  • First ride today in a long time also the first ever without snorkel it seems to rev higher without snorkel but the power seems quite flat is this due to the snorkel I know it’s not got the designed air flow or is it just me thinking there’s less power I have been riding another bike but that had less power so it’s not like I’m used to riding a bigger bike either way snorkel is going back in just curious if the snorkel out affects the power this bad

  • You need to jet for it, you cant just unbolt it and expect to unleash lots of power.
    Youre probably a bit lean, hence the "flat" feeling.

  • @jens-eskildsen nah my jetting is spot on if anything slightly rich I guess it don’t suit my bike it’s going back in before my next ride anyways

  • Removing the snorkel affects the jetting, so jet accordingly. It can also decrese the low end a bit, as theres not much velocity through the carb when you whack the throttle open at low speed.
    IMO the airbox seems pretty restrictive, so removing the snorkel adds tons of air.

    You can be both rich and lean, as in lean in the midrange, and rich on the mainjet, or the other way around.

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