• I haven't posted in a while about any projects, yes I have been busy, but I haven't got to a stage where I really wanted to talk about it.

    This one I started way back in January last year. I was in talks with someone with something really tasty, but it was just infeasible. So I took another direction and very very happy with the results.

    Honda Civic Type R Gaming Chair

    So I found a really nice passenger side seat out of a 2003 (face lift) Honda Civic Type R EP3.

    These are not recaro's but rather Honda's own take on a bucket seat. They are a good alternative since the bolsters hug the body, but don't grip. This makes them relatively comfortable to sit on for long periods of time at a desk.

    alt text

    In this instance, I have opted to utilise the existing rails and ratchet mechanism, meaning I go can full gangster mode πŸ˜„

    The first thing I did, way back in January, was source the base of my seat. You can actually do this as cheap, or as expensive as you like.

    alt text

    I went for the middle of the road.

    The black seat base and gas lift are really cheap (about Β£20 for the two).

    I paid a little more for the aluminium star base, and went all out on the wheels, opting for ABEC 7 rollerblade wheels.

    alt text

    All of these parts can be found on Amazon/eBay really cheaply. I think the wheels were the most expensive at Β£25, but the rest came under Β£50. But you can get castor wheels for litrerally Β£2.

    I then turned my attention to how I was going to mount the chair to the base.

    I used a 500mm X 500mm 3mm steel base as a starting point. And opted to angle grind the EP3 seat to make it absolutely flush.

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    Smooth it all off and drill through the rails to give you fixing points to anchor your base to.

    alt text

    Do this for all four legs and smooth it all back, paint it and get ready for the next stage.

    alt text

    alt text

    Next I designed the base given the measurements from the seat.

    alt text

    It's pretty simple really:

    • Centralise the chair to the base
    • Drill holes for the seat as per necessary
    • Locate the center for the office chair base to mount to
    • Affix it all together.

    You'll want a set square to help locate where the seat needs to go (I'm using my mitotoyo one but any should be fine)

    alt text

    Drill your holes as per the diagram

    Fix the chair to it making sure it all lines up nicely.

    alt text

    Now all you need to do is locate where the center is, for the office base should go.

    alt text

    Again you will want to use your combination set here.

    ![alt text](alt text)

    Fix it all together with suitable nuts and washers

    alt text

    Now mount to the rest of your chair, sit back, relax and enjoy!

    alt text

  • @calum that’s pretty impressive I have tried those seats And I remember them being really nice

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    Tidy setup you got there! What monitor is that?

  • @mightyman Oh that old thing, that's my ASUS PG348Q 34" monitor.

    Although equally impressive is my Double Shot PBT Shine Through Hall Effect Mechanical Keyboard. Or my Scarlett Audio Solo Studio DAC, or my Pioneer Studio Monitor Reference speakers. Yeah it's every boys dream haha.

  • @calum
    I know this is old fella but I had to comment..
    You seem to be well on top of your gameπŸ‘ Mitu toyo square, honda bread van seats.. nice job πŸ‘Œ I love the Jap stuff.. Ive been toying with this seat idea with my Eg seats but can't make my mind up on what bucket I'll replace it with πŸ˜…

  • @joeka I'd go with the FN2 Seats

    alt text

    Good copies of the recaro, at a fraction of the price.

    This EP3 seat is bloody lovely for a PC chair. Very comfortable, but the 3mm steel was merely not thick enough.

    I knew this at the time mind you, it was all the place had in stock and I couldn't wait.

    Sorry totally misread your comment lmao.

    I thought you were looking for seats for your EG lol

    Yeah, I hear they make greats seats as well

    I was looking ot buy some old school JDM CRX VTEC Seats. But they were in N.I. and it was just a bit too much of an ask,.

    Either way, nice to recline in.

  • @calum
    I had wondered if 3mm was thick enough.. I'm glad you have tried and tested.. I love the seats in the eg but they don't have enough support in the twisties.. I like the dc 2 seats but the video at BrandsH. put me offπŸ˜… Perfect for the gamer chair tho.. Nice work

  • @joeka My mate has a set of FIA approved Recaros in his RA and they're perfect for track use.