Fuel and autolube tube sizes.

  • I believe the Oil Delivery pipe (Pump to engine) has an internal diameter of 3mm if I'm correct.
    But I can't seem to find the internal diameter for the oil feed pipe (From oil tank to pump) I'm looking to replace the autolube pipes as I saw a video of someone on here who had done that and thought it looked pretty funky and would help determine if my pumps is working correctly. also the internal diameter of the fuel line would be helpful as well as I'm looking to replace all of these with clear pipes. Would putting a filter on the autolube be a good idea and a fuel filter as well. CHEERS!
    (DT 125 R 2002)

  • @sgt-robuck-5 I can remember the size but general fuel lines will fit the oil transfer pipe I used carb overflow pipe for the line going into the manifold I haven’t yet changed the one you mention but I would of used fuel line if I did I’ll try find the diameter of the stuff I use although I do have an after market fuel valve so it may be different

  • I wouldn't filter the oil personally. They're less prone to accepting dirt and grit since you don't fill them up that often. But I would worry the filter would restrict the oil

  • @calum yeah that’s not a good idea

  • @sgt-robuck-5 roughly a ID of 4.5 to 5 mm if you go to a car shop they will charge you about 50p a meter give it a try

  • @declan Cheers man!

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