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  • Not sure what you tried posting there...


  • Doesn't look to be in the healthiest of condition, but nothin broke can't be fixed!

  • That pic was from when I first got it, so far she's had all new chain and sprockets, fresh paint, exhaust, new grips etc hoping to paint it back to blue next month

  • Oh good lad. It can be hard to get it pucker when using it daily.

    Mine was mint. Got nicked 12 months later. Spent 2 years in a battered state and I am.finally restoring it.

    I liked the battered bike as it just meant I could use it and not worry about its asthetics. Embarrassing to be seen on mine was. But it was still a solid ride.

  • Shame it got nicked though. Luckily mines kept in a secure place! Hopefully after a few more mods and tidy up it will look ace. Forgot to say in previous post that garage checked engine over and its all decent insidr 🙂

  • @DevonDtr mine got nicked at the gym. So lesson learned always lock it up.

    I wouldn't be told. It took for it to get nicked before I locked it up.

    There's not a lot a garage can really do. Compression test and dismantle the barrel for wear. But then it's like if you're going to take it apart you may as well replace the parts.

    Should be alright. Those engines are going to be pretty bomb proof.

  • It was more a case of checking compression, and replacing things. This thing was missing so many bolts and gaskets etc

  • Yeah fair enough.

    Don't dispair if the engine does fail though.

    They are so easy to rebuild you do not need many special tools to rebuild.

  • To be fair I have learnt loads engine wise since I have had it, hopefully I can make it mint. Is there anything I should look for that would lead up to engine failure?

  • @DevonDtr engine will sound rough. Sound like there is sand in the engine.

  • Just an update 🙂 come start of the month she is getting new clutch as that's forever needing slipping, new top end, new brakes and a tail tidy!! Except for top end I'm attempting the rest meself 😱