Air box snorkel removed 2003 DT125 R

  • Hi, had to remove the air box snorkel on my 2003 DT125 R to fit a Datatool alarm. Fitted it in the same place as this Zeeltronic in photo so had to remove the snorkel. Been reading best to keep the snorkel in place, any idea where else I can fit my alarm? cheers

  • @2stroketerry My bike has an alarm fitted from the previous owner and the snorkel has also been removed from my bike seems to run like a beauty still should be fine.

  • I'm always really cautious when discussing alarm fitment on vehicles, these bikes are bad enough for theft anyway.

  • Solved my snorkel problem as my alarm is not as wide as the zeeltronic in the photo so just shortened the snorkel. Cut the snorkel down in length so just 3/4 of it and still has a good gap between the end of snorkel and alarm, just ordered some loctite gel for rubber so can attach the small lip back on the end of the snorkel.

    Yes @Calum know what you mean about talking about security and alarms. Feel safe enough as well as having a decent alarm fitted also I have a custom made tilt sensor wired to it, my DT has a cover fitted and it is not possible to lift the cover without triggering the alarm. The chains I have fitted are 16mm thick links with ground anchors and locks off the ground and no bolt cutters in the world can cut the hardened chains. With my cctv and 24 hour monitered tracking there is no way anyone is getting my beloved DT as got every security measure there is and also some security measures have been kept secret.
    Spent a fortune on security but have to these days and have had bikes stolen and heartbreaking after all the work so not taking any more chances with security. Apart from paying for the tracker monitering yearly only need to pay once for all of my other security items and will all last for years and lot's of bikes.

  • @2stroketerry Absolutely. Sometimes the best security is just making sure no one knows it is there. Easier said than done and obviously pointless when I want to post pictures of builds on here. Such a shame. Glad you got it all locked up though.

  • Maybe the odds be forever in your favour! Seriously though whatever you do, if someone wants it bad enough they will do anything to get it.I am paranoid of prying eyes and do as much as possible to keep my stuff private and out of sight.

  • @oldman One thing I would say is be very careful with images.

    Go ahead and select an image from your computer and drop it on that website.

    You may be giving away vital lat long co-oridinates of where you took that photo, presumably next to your bike.

    Turn location off from your camera.

    Files uploaded to this site should be stripped of this information before going to Imgur, but I didn't write the plugin so don't count on it.

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