Opinions Honda NSR 125 1989

  • I hope it's okay discussing other stuff than Dt's.

    I am currently looking at an NSR in need of some tlc. First off, it's starting, but won't rev. Most likely something with the carb (it has been standing still for almost 20 years).
    Secondly, it outta need some new tires, hoses and probably a couple of other things.
    It has done about 29000 km and is in really good condition. However a few things are creeping on me. The seals inside the engine, they are 30 years old, what if they're perished and the entire engine will need a rebuild? What do you guys think? To big of a gamble? (DON'T FEEL LIKE RIPPING THE ENGINE APART) It's about £400 and could fetch somewhere between £800 and £1000 in good running condition.(SWEDEN)Not really looking for a profit when sold but I would not like to lose too much.

  • Seals are pretty robust, unlikely to dry out. But why won't it run. Will need to investigate that. To be fair 400 quid is cheap. Are the panels and frame all straight

  • @calum frame etc looks mint! Wheels etc will need some cleaning but I believe that's it. Everything straight, however some panels had some cracks. Guess they should be replaced. Can't be botherd personally, however that's what a future buyer will look for. Mileage wise 29000 km is not that much right? Will tear down the top end immediately if I buy it and inspect everything. Owner says piston is in good nick but a couple of new seals won't do any harm.

  • 29k on a two stroke....it all depends where its been stored. Panels are the expensive bit. I would not phret about the engine. Two strokes a doddle.

  • @calum the Honda seems to be the better choice compared to the rs in terms of owning and just periodicly riding.

  • @irongamer727 Not at all. If you had both bikes brand new side by side, the Aprilia is far superior in every single way.

    That said, if you're going to spend £400 on any main manufacturer 2 stroke, it is going to want some work doing to it. The NSR might cost more than the Aprilia due to availability of parts.

    You can literally get every part under the sun for the Aprilia at really affordable prices, I don't know anything about the NSR.

    That said, the RS is a highly strung machine, and I'd be lying if I said it's the sort of bike you can depend on. Providing that the NSR is in good nick, it'll stay that way whenever you want to ride it. But don't mistake that as saying the NSR is a better bike as it simply isn't. I'd have the Aprilia because it's a fantastic bike. For a bike you're going to ride a couple of times a year, I'd have the Aprilia as you know when you do use it, it's going to come equiped for a blast.

    If I had to ride a bike daily, out of the two it would be the Honda for it's less aggressive ride and reliability. But that said, the Aprilia is still the better bike.

  • @calum surely! There is a time for an Aprilia as well.

  • @irongamer727 Yeah, I just wouldn't spend £400 on one lol. Chances are it'll be trashed.

    Let us know what you end up with anyway./

  • @calum count on it!

  • @irongamer727 Where you from bud?

  • @calum right in the middle of Sweden.

  • @irongamer727 Nice, basically, in the UK it's full of disrespectful kids that end up getting really nice bikes and killing them. Or it's full of scum bag thieves that take really nice bikes and trash them. Now every bike I've been posted outsiode of the UK looks a million times better than what we have here. So my negative view is probably just a UK thing.

  • Got a 1992 nsr myself, there well built bikes to be honest. Is yours the full faired version or naked F model? The most expensive part to fix on the engines is the barrel as its a plated barrel as standard, so can't be rebored. Mechanically there the same as the later foxeye nsr, so spares are pretty easy to come by. Done about 8k miles on mine over last couple years regularly doing 70-80 mile journey's. Will happily sit at 90 all day.

  • @dtr-nsr That's pretty decent to be fair.

    Wouldn't mind having a little bit more of a nosey at the engines.

  • @dtr-nsr the full faired, sadly a couple of them are cracked and some stickers are damaged. Otherwise it's really nice.

  • The fairings for the full faired model are the hardest parts to come by, but they can be repaired with soldering iron.

    My 1992 nsr125rk
    alt text

  • @dtr-nsr soldering plastic? U mean melting the plastic together?

  • Nice one btw!😉

  • @irongamer727 said in Opinions Honda NSR 125 1989:

    @dtr-nsr soldering plastic? U mean melting the plastic together?

    Yeah that's it, found it works best cleaning it back to bare plastic, then melting the two edges back together.

  • @dtr-nsr Tried and tested lol

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