Re shaping the DTR seat

  • So I've decided I want to re shape the seat on my dtr125 ,the full bike looks great since being converted to supermoto and I now feel the only thing letting it down is the squareness of the rear end of the seat it doesn't look to good at all when using the Portugal rear fender so time to fix it! . Has anyone on here ever reshaped a motorbike seat before ? And can anyone give me some advice on what would be the best tool to use to do this?. Thanks 🙂

  • If it's an original seat dont do it! ah, just me.

    It does make a cleaner profile for the bike very true, and those rear mudguards never really fit that well, it pushes the underside up and you get a banana seat which rubs on the tank. Just need a tickle around the mounts..

    You can sand the foam down, that's probably the cleanest more precise way. Dry out the seat foam for a bit and sculpt her with a sanding block.

    Trouble is the seat cover will ripple horribly around the corners, worth trimming that up to. Good fun though,

  • Thanks for the advice @Darty ! I'll probably give it a bash later in the week with sand paper then and see how it goes. I'll be happy just to get it curved at the corners and a little bit off the top so fingers crossed it doesn't mess up and the seat cover goes back on nicely! I've thought about trying to modify a DTX seat by using the front half of the DTR seat and rear half of the DTX seat as I know some people have done similar and it's worked out but a lot of hassle to go through with cutting and joining the seat plastic then the foam etc probably turn into a bigger mess 😁 ..

  • @Biker_123 Less is more in this case.

    Seiki is the best person to speak to. He reshaped his for the Hpires rear fender. You will want to get it flush with the rear fender. But if your seat is mint then buy a shitter off eBay. There are loads that are in bad shape. For pretty much nothing.

  • Thanks @Calum think I'll practice on one of the spare DTR seats I have as mines is immaculate. Are they any pictures of seiki's bike about as I would love to see the seat so I can use it for a rough guide my biggest fear is making it look crap lol

  • @Biker_123 yeah watch his YouTube video!

  • @Calum Will have a look thanks 👍🏻

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